The Nuggets needed to walk away with two things on the draft night: A knock-down shooter and a stretch four. They grabbed the first of the two with their seventh-overall pick, Jamal Murray, and they quite possibly got the second with the 15th pick, Juan Hernangomez.

Now, casual fans may not know the name Juan Hernangomez (and that’s to be expected), but he’s a legit player, a 6-foot-9 power forward out of Spain who shot over 35 percent from three while playing in the ACB League.

The question, though, is will Hernangomez be joining the Denver Nuggets this season or will he remain in Spain for another year while he develops?

“I don’t know yet,” Hernangomez said during a conference call with Denver media on whether he’ll make his way stateside. “But if I get any possibility to go, I want to.”

With three first-round selections, most draft analysts expected the Nuggets to select at least one draft-and-stash player, a guy who could remain overseas for at least a season or two, but things can change. And when I say “things,” I mean Kenneth Faried’s future with the Denver Nuggets.

If Tim Connelly and the Nuggets see Hernangomez as their power forward — their stretch four — of the future, then that can only mean that Faried is their power forward of the past. And in terms of the way the NBA is transitioning as a whole, that seems to be about right.

In today’s day and age, a big man who can stretch the floor and create space for guards to drive to the rim is more valuable than ever. And while his motor and athleticism is impressive, that is one thing Faried cannot do.

Simply put, Hernangomez has the ability to be the more well-rounded option, both offensively and defensively, for the Nuggets.

“I’m really complete. I can do a little bit of everything,” Hernangomez said. “So for the fans of Denver, I do everything [for] this team to win the games. I put all the energy that I’ve got on the court.”

There were rumors earlier this week that teams were interested in trading for Faried this offseason, and while the draft has come and gone, a player-for-player deal could still be in the works. And those discussions could become even more heated if Connelly and Co. feel Hernangomez is ready to come over right now.

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