Are we sure there’s no hard feelings between Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos?

While Osweiler’s dedication to the Houston Texans and their voluntary OTAs is commendable, c’mon … really?

I understand that Osweiler is a big shot who’s making millions upon millions of dollars, but we’re still talking about the President. We’re still talking about a Super Bowl championship.

Whether Osweiler agrees with how things went down last season or not, who knows when, or if, he’ll ever get an opportunity like this again. Missing a day of practice in early June is not nearly as detrimental as he’s making it out to be.

And from the Broncos’ perspective, Osweiler absolutely deserves to be there. Without him, nobody would be meeting the President. If it wasn’t for his productive, exciting and successful seven starts in the blue and orange, the Denver Broncos likely miss out on the playoffs, and the Mile High City would be left wondering how everything went so wrong.

Let’s just hope he accepts his Super Bowl ring.