The Denver Broncos are shaking things up. Not only does the team have a new coaching staff and a trio of quarterbacks, but Denver also announced a variety of changes to the scouting department on Wednesday.

According to a release from the organization, Broncos general manager John Elway has hired Frantzy Jourdain to be the southeast area scout. Jourdain is a 16-year NFL veteran and spent the last three years with the Houston Texans.

Along with the hiring of Jourdain, 13-year Broncos veteran, Eugene Armstrong, will transition to southwest area scout.

Additionally, Eddie Simpkins has been hired as a scouting assistant. Simpkins previously was a player personnel intern with the Broncos, and worked as a recruiting assistant at Oklahoma State.

Finally, Rob Patton and Deon Randall have each been promoted to college/pro scouts as well.

Yrs. with Broncos
John Elway
President of Football Ops./GM
9 (2011-pres.)
Matt Russell
Director of Player Personnel
11 (2009-pres.)
A.J. Durso
Director of Pro Personnel
7 (2013-pres.)
Brian Stark
Director of College Scouting
8 (2012-pres.)
Eugene Armstrong
Southwest Area Scout
13 (2007-pres.)
Dave Bratten
College Scouting Coord./Area Scout
23 (1997-pres.)
Scott DiStefano
Midwest Area Scout
38 (1982-pres.)
Frantzy Jourdain
Southeast Area Scout
Darren Mougey
Western Regional Scout
8 (2012-pres.)
Nick Schiralli
Eastern Regional Scout
12 (2008-pres.)
Bryan Chesin
Midwest Area Scout
6 (2014-pres.)
Jordon Dizon
Pro Scout
5 (2015-pres.)
Patrick Walsh
Pro Scout
4 (2016-pres.)
Rob Paton
College/Pro Scout
3 (2017-pres.)
Deon Randall
College/Pro Scout
3 (2017-pres.)
Eddie Simpkins
Scouting Assistant
2 (2018-pres.)