You’d almost think the Denver Broncos aren’t undefeated and leading the AFC West the way some people are freaking out about them.

Yes, the Broncos had to grind out yet another close one, this time taking the game to overtime and needing crucial stops by the defense both at the end of regulation and in overtime, but they walked away from Cleveland with a win and a perfect 6-0 record.

Denver enters the bye week with a chance to get healthy and some time to sort out the challenges they’ve faced on offense. No doubt, there will be plenty of calls for concern as Denver, who considers themselves a Super Bowl contender, couldn’t put the Browns away in regulation despite forcing multiple turnovers and limiting Cleveland to less than 300 yards on offense.

There’s certainly plenty to work out before Green Bay comes to town on Sunday night. But for the time being, the Broncos can relax and feel happy about the fact that they remain one of football’s few unbeaten teams.

Here’s how the players reacted postgame via Twitter as they headed out of Cleveland and on to the bye week…