Line play will be front-and-center on Sunday afternoon for the Denver Broncos as an offensive line that’s struggling to stay on the field, let alone perform, as a unit will be under severe scrutiny and a defense that has so far been the best in the league will face one of its biggest tests with Adrian Peterson coming to town on a big roll. This week is all about the line(s).

Minnesota is coming off back-to-back home wins against the Lions and Chargers after a Week 1 loss to San Francisco. Denver is the third of five games that will see the Vikings face only the Lions and AFC West opponents. If Minnesota can pick up a win in Denver or at home against Kansas City, they have a chance to put themselves in a great position for a Wild Card spot, with games against winless Detroit and Chicago to follow.

Denver, on the other hand, is 3-0, but carrying a big asterisk from many outside observers who are waiting for the house to come crashing down on Peyton Manning. They’re scrambling to fill holes on the offensive line and have had to rely heavily on the defense in each of their three wins.

Minnesota is feeling confident after back-to-back 100-yard rushing efforts by Peterson, and they’ll no doubt plan to test that against the Denver defense who has proved to be the best in the league overall and in passing, and a top-10 in rush defense.

In this week’s “Bold Predictions,” it’s all about the line(s).

No. 3 – Peterson Breaking The Century Mark