For Denver Broncos general manager John Elway, his team’s Super Bowl XLVIII loss to the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t just a blowout, it was a learning experience. After watching the tape, he set out to emulate the team that just bested the Broncos.

“It was at that point in time, I think, that we watched the model that the Seahawks and John [Schneider] and [Pete] Carroll had put together of being great on defense,” Elway said in an interview with ESPN Seattle’s Dave Wyman and Jim Moore. “I think what we were able to do is, we added some key components that offseason via free agency, and plus my first five years that I was here we worked on the defense…It all came together at the right time.”

Emulating the “Legion of Boom,” the Broncos built the “No Fly Zone.” Thanks to their elite secondary and pass rush, Denver has been the best passing defense in the NFL for each ot the last two seasons.

The plan worked pretty well for the Broncos. Two seasons after their loss to the Seahawks, the team would ride their defense to a victory in Super Bowl 50. Now, a little over a year later, Elway doesn’t see that blueprint changing anytime soon.

“No matter what, if you had a great defense you’re going to be able to stay in football games,” he said.