Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos were just bumped again when you rank the best championship moments of 2016. The image of Von Miller strip-sacking Cam Newton and Malik Jackson jumping on the ball in the end zone will live forever in the minds of Denver sports fans; however, I have it just fourth on my list of the best championship moments so far in 2016.

The Chicago Cubs are going to take the championship moment of 2016 after beating the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 Wednesday night. The Cleveland Cavaliers are second on my list after coming from 3-1 down to beat the Golden St. Warriors on the road in a Game 7. The NCAA Tournament final should be third after Villanova beat North Carolina at the buzzer. I would put Denver’s win over the Carolina Panthers fourth on this list of best championship moments of 2016, with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup Final win fifth and Alabama’s college football championship sixth.

It has been an amazing year in sports. If Denver fans do not cheer for teams like the Cubs and Cavaliers, they should at least be able to relate to their excitement. There was a time that nothing was going right for the Broncos when it came to winning a championship. Denver fans suffered through blowout losses in Super Bowls and an unexplainable upset prior to beating the Green Bay Packers for their first championship. Fans in the Mile High City should definitely understand the joy these two cities felt this season after going through a similar ride back in early 1998.

Great moments in sports happen when teams do unexpected things. Another powerful element is added when teams’ finally win a championship after having a long history of falling short. This year has had many magical moments, which is why we tune in; However, moments like Wednesday night help us remember why we are fans in the first place.


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