Broncos fans, would you take one for the team?

Von Miller. Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports.
Von Miller. Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports.

When a player on someone’s favorite team gets injured, people jokingly tweet to take their corresponding body part instead. It’s a way of using humor to ease the pain of a bad situation.

With the news of Von Miller needing surgery to repair a tendon in his foot after a freak injury, we probably needed something else to laugh about other than those clowns in Washington.

That could apply to the football team or the politicians. But I digress.

Miller’s injury is a brutal blow to a team that was already on the outside looking in on a playoff spot and this surely won’t bode well for the upcoming season. So would you? Would you give your foot for Von Miller?

I posed this hypothetical years ago: If you could somehow magically take on the injury of your favorite player so he could resume playing without interruption, would you do it? Obviously this is fantasy, but if there was a way to transfer that injury and he could resume playing, how far would you go with it?

Here are the terms: All of your medical expenses, rehab and any missed work etc. would be covered. But that’s it. No special pay day, no season tickets, no guarantees of championships, just you taking on an injury so someone you’ve never met can keep playing. You might get a gift basket and a signed jersey, but that’s it. And now you have to live with the fallout of whatever ailment you’ve taken on.

You are literally taking one for the team.

I asked this on Twitter and got a mixed response. Some diehards were ready and willing to sacrifice any and all body parts to keep their team in the hunt. Others were looking for a sweeter deal than I provided and some just said, and I’m cleaning this up a bit, “heck no”. It’s probably a tough ask for the Broncos who were iffy as a playoff team anyway, but what about the injury that felled the Avs Philipp Grubauer? The Avs might still be playing and you’d be watching them from your couch with your foot up on a pillow, drifting away on some nice painkillers as they lost 5-4 in OT to Vegas. A few people said yes, but didn’t want anything like what happened to Alex Smith which was gruesome and still looks like something out of a body horror movie. But how about when the Broncos were staring down a three-peat and Terrell Davis suffered a knee injury that derailed a career that could have been even better? I would have given my knee for TD.

Most of us will never hit the big time and our sports glory is either limited or far behind us. So it’s a tough decision to take on a possibly life long injury just so you can watch someone play a sport for a little while longer. But if it ultimately brought your team success, you could at least say you had a small part to play, which is more than the average fan can claim. And besides, your knee is going to hurt from here on out once you’re 30 anyway, so why not.

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