For years, we’ve heard that the Denver Broncos are merely a quarterback away. Now, they have their quarterback, and the excitement of what this means has captured hearts and minds across the rest of the roster.

Star pass-rusher Bradley Chubb is no exception, as he sees the Broncos reaching new heights in 2022.

“We have a chance to be special with the guys we have coming back, and the new guys we added,” Chubb told Denver7’s Troy Renck, at his football camp for kids.

As a result of joining the team in 2018, Chubb hasn’t been part of a team with a chance to be special before, and he’s excited to finally be healthy so that he can take full advantage of the opportunity.

“[Being healthy this offseason] has been huge, to be honest with you, just because I am not worried, ‘Is this going to be OK,'” Chubb said. “You have the mindset that, ‘I am good and I am just going to attack every day like it’s my last,’ and that’s what I have been doing this offseason, and it’s been working out for me.”

Chubb’s also aware that two of the last three seasons haven’t been up to his standard or the standard of the fan base, as he’s been hampered by injuries. He wants to make up for lost time in 2022.

“It was one of those things that you go through so much, you know what I mean? The dam has to break at some point,” Chubb said. “I feel like things have been building up and building up and it’s finally time to let it all out.”

If Chubb can return to pre-injury form, it would be a massive difference-maker for a talented Broncos defense with pass-rush concerns.