Broncos have no plans to change stadium name anytime soon

Broncos stadium rights

After much speculation about what the new name of the Denver Broncos’ stadium would be, the team announced they have no plans to change the stadium name anytime soon.

The stadium will remain “Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium” for the time being, a decision that comes after a long process of trying to find a new namesake.

“We haven’t gone into deep discussion about changing it, and our goal really is to get a new partner in line with us as quickly as we can,” Broncos president and CEO Joe Ellis told the Denver Business Journal.

The team will “move as quickly as we can” to put a new name on the stadium, but as of now, it will stay Sports Authority Field at Mile High, just as it’s been since the 2011 season. They will, however, continue to make the payments that Sports Authority failed to make.

The team acquired the naming rights from the soon-to-be-defunct sporting goods retailer on Wednesday.