The 2019 NFL Scouting Combine is off and running as the defensive lineman and linebackers had a chance to showcase their skills during Sunday’s on-field workouts.

D.K. Metcalf set the stage Saturday with an incredible showing, which the front-seven group was able to build on Sunday in Indianapolis. Arguably the NFL Draft’s strongest position group, the defensive line showed all of that and more with their performance on Sunday.

So, without further ado, lets dive into which players stole the show and who the Denver Broncos could potentially target in next month’s draft.

Quinnen Williams set the stage with his 40-yard dash 

Williams would be an absolute dream scenario for Denver if he fell to them at 10th overall. It is not likely to happen, but that does not mean we can’t talk about the performance Williams turned in on Sunday. A potential top-3 pick come draft night, Williams weighed in at 303 pounds and proceeded to run a 4.87 40-yard dash.

Williams followed it up with a 4.83 on his next attempt as he also had an incredible 10-yard split time of 1.67 seconds. The 10-yard time is what is most important for defensive lineman because it showcases just how fast they can fire off the line, which Williams clearly has no problem with. To put it into comparison, Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald ran a 1.63 10-yard split during his combine performance and he is arguably the best defensive player in football.

With what he did on Sunday to follow up his two-years of tape at Alabama, Williams is well on his way to becoming the next Donald in the NFL. It would be a shock if Williams was not a top-5 selection come draft night, which he cemented with his performance on Sunday.

Montez Sweat, Brian Burns and Rashan Gary all had a big day 

Lets start with Sweat, who ran arguably the best 40-yard dash of the week. Not only did Sweat run the fastest time (4.41) that a defensive lineman has ever run at the combine, but he did it weighing in at 260 pounds.

That speed, paired with Sweat’s size, is just unreal for a defensive lineman. Sweat was not the only edge rusher that had a great day though as Burns also turned in a tremendous 40 time of 4.53 seconds. Burns also had a solid showing during drill work, which he put on full display with this outstanding catch.

Both Sweat and Burns quite possibly cemented their status as first-round picks, but so did Gary with the show he put on. Standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 277 pounds, Gary proceeded to run a 4.58 in the 40-yard dash for the third-fastest time by a defensive lineman, just behind Sweat and Burns.

All three of the players mentioned above would add an even greater spark to a Broncos edge group that features Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. Is edge or defensive line a top priority for Denver? No. But, adding any of the three players above would certainly make the Broncos defensive line one of the most formidable groups in the NFL.

The Devins enjoy tremendous showings

This is where we start getting into who could be a great fit in Denver with the Broncos. Both of the Devins — Devin White and Devin Bush — are considered the draft’s best linebacker prospects. That is, if you consider Josh Allen as a defensive lineman.

White is the player who could have the greatest chance to be selected by Denver at No. 10 overall and he certainly didn’t disappoint with his 40-yard dash or vertical jump. It all started with a 39.5” vertical for White, which was the second-best mark by any linebacker (Bush). Then, White followed it up with a blazing 40-yard dash time of 4.42 seconds.

That was the fastest time posted by a linebacker, but Bush almost beat it as he had a phenomenal day as well. Bush began his day with a 40.5” inch vertical — which was the top mark by a linebacker — and then proceeded to run a fast 4.44 on his first attempt in the 40-yard dash.

Both White and Bush had a tremendous day as each could be potential targets by the Broncos come draft night next month. With a need at linebacker, either one of White or Bush could be a plug-and-paly starter from day one for the Broncos.