The Denver Broncos dropped to the No. 9 seed in the AFC playoff race after Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots. It is unfamiliar territory for Denver who has easily made the playoffs during the past four seasons.

The majority of fans seem to have given up on Denver’s playoff chances, a fair stance; however, all hope is not lost for the Broncos to make the postseason. The best path for Denver to make the playoffs is:

  • Win out
  • Pittsburgh beat Baltimore this week
  • Kansas City beat San Diego in Week 17
  • Miami loses to either Buffalo or New England

The part of the path that the Broncos don’t control seems feasible. The Steelers are playing better football at the moment than the Ravens and the game is in Pittsburgh, the Chiefs should be a decent favorite in San Diego and Miami should lose at least one of their remaining games, especially if Ryan Tannehill cannot go.

The key to Denver hitting this parlay is going 2-0 the rest of the way. Yes, it’s a difficult schedule going to Kansas City for Sunday Night Football and finishing things up at home against an Oakland Raiders team that may very well need a win in order to secure a bye.

The schedule and the help Denver needs to get into the playoffs is not my concern. My concern is the Broncos coming together and playing good football during the next two weeks. The defense has been championship caliber all season, but the offense is the worst in football in my opinion.

Trevor Siemian has done a decent job, but it’s difficult to praise a quarterback that has led his team to just 13 points over the past two games. The running game is yet to get on track since C.J. Anderson hurt his knee, the offensive line has not gelled the way many of us thought it would, and the Broncos really don’t have a reliable tight end.

No wonder there are repots of bickering in the locker room. One part of this team is doing its job while the other two parts of the team have not only struggled doing their job, but have actually made the defense’s job more difficult.

If there actually was an altercation following Sunday’s loss, it is a good thing. Perhaps this will be the thing to get the Broncos ready for their final two games. Something has to change with this team and change quickly. If things continue the way they are currently going, there is absolutely no chance Denver gets in.