Keep your enemies closer than you keep your friends. You may not buy into that philosophy, but Denver Broncos punter Riley Dixon certainly does.

On Wednesday night, Dixon was hanging with his counterpart from the AFC West rival Oakland Raiders, Marquette King. King shared a photograph of the encounter:

Both members of the “kick squad” claimed their place amongst the NFL’s top punters in the 2016 season. According to, Dixon was ranked fourth overall with a season long of 68 yards, while King finished sixth overall with a long of 72 yards.

The division rivals split the year’s games against each other, both winning and losing one. Yet, the Raiders had their first playoff birth since 2002. The Broncos missed the playoffs, ending a five-year-streak of post-season appearances.

Although King and Dixon have little-to-no impact on the actual scoring of the game, the two created field position advantages throughout the season for their respective teams.