The Broncos’ wide receivers aren’t afraid to tell you what they think. And on the town’s most polarizing subject, they’re speaking up.

Forget politics, legal weed or what the Rockies should do with Carlos Gonzalez – the Broncos QB debate remains the biggest debate in the city.

Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian? Whether you like it or not – it’s coming.

That question has already been beaten to death by many in this city, but if you’re sick of it, then plug your ears the next six weeks. This is just getting started.

And both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are helping fuel the early flames.

Look, neither guy did anything wrong the last few days – far from it – but they both gave pretty interesting answers at their respective football camps when asked about the looming QB decision.

Late last week, DT told a group of local reporters the Broncos can’t take too long on the decision. He wants to know who QB1 is when the team returns to the site of Super Bowl 50 in mid-August for a training camp date with the 49ers.

That’s not an outrageous demand, but it’s also not a guy who’s content to let this bleed into preseason game No. 4. When you’ve got a first-year head coach in Vance Joseph who’s never held that title – and when the “star” receiver puts a deadline on things – it’s a fair question to wonder if he’ll listen.

Thomas also didn’t flat out say who he wants to win the job, but he may have tipped his hand.

“The last couple of weeks, [Lynch] was just out there lighting it up. It was like, ‘Ooh, where did that come from?’ It’s going to be good competition. I’m excited about it,” Thomas told reporters on Friday at his youth camp.

Translation: He saw the former first-round draft pick finally flip the switch. Like it or not, when that comes from someone with the salary and stature of DT, it means something.

Meanwhile, the decision might not even be Joseph’s to make. At least, that’s what at Emmanuel Sanders hinted at after his youth camp Tuesday.

“At the end of the day it’s not my decision. I know [general manager John] Elway and all those guys are going to make the right decision of what quarterback they want to go with,” Sanders said.


To be fair, it’s one quote, but who really is making this decision?

It’s no secret when Elway fired John Fox and then let Gary Kubiak walk away there were more than a few whispers about the potentially tenuous relationships No. 7 had with his former head coaches.

In the case of Fox, that couldn’t be more spot on. Elway watched him botch Baltimore (kneeling), flub the Super Bowl (not noisy?) and quit before the Colts game (Jay Glazer’s ‘report’), and knew the guy had to go.

For Kubiak, the overwhelming reason he’s not the coach any longer is due to very real health concerns, but just look at how Kubes managed the QBs in Week 17 and it’s easy to dissect that wasn’t 100 percent of the reason for his departure.

Did Elway hire a young, inexperienced head coach (after previously going with two veterans) so the guy would make personnel decisions he was comfortable with? Give me another 750 words… But the short answer very well could be yes.

And Sanders may agree.

Between his declaration that Elway will make the decision and Thomas’ plea for the choice to be made relatively early in the preseason, there’s plenty of noise for Joseph to consider. Whether it’s truly his call remains to be seen.

In the meantime, every pass, incompletion and interception between now and the day the pick finally comes down will be dissected, again and again.

It’s Lynch vs. Siemian, but the outside noise might be starting to dictate the competition.

After all, you can add the Broncos’ receivers to the list of people in this town not afraid to tell you what they think.