Apparently, Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian was not good enough last season to cement himself as the starter for 2017, but he was good enough to earn an invite to join the NFL’s best and brightest in Orlando.

On Monday, Siemian was invited to represent the Broncos in next Sunday’s Pro Bowl as an injury replacement. Having just had surgery on his left shoulder, he was forced to decline the invitation.

“Obviously, it was really cool and a huge honor,” Siemian told 9News. “It would have been cool to play with everyone I respect, especially our own guys who are going to be there.”

In Orlando, Siemian would have been united with six Broncos. Heading to the Pro Bowl will be Demaryius Thomas (who was just named), Emmanuel Sanders, Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr. and Darian Stewart.

The question is, did Siemian’s play last season merit consideration? Many would suggest not.

Siemian was the 11th rated quarterback in the AFC.  In his first season as Broncos starter, the 25-year-old started 14 games. Worth noting, he was only healthy for three of those. Still, his statistics were far from elite.