Uncomfortable and Difficult

With a 34-27 loss to the Steelers, Denver put their playoff hopes on hold for at least another week and allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to climb within one game in the AFC West.

What once looked like it would be a runaway for the division will now be a fight, as Denver needs to to win out in games against Cincinnati and San Diego in order to secure their fifth consecutive division title. Denver could still hold the No. 2 seed with such an outcome. But with yet another second-half collapse Sunday, this time to the tune of a 21-0 scoring differential, there’s more to be concerned about in Denver than just playoff seeding.

After seemingly getting things back on track on offense with a 27-point output in the first half against Pittsburgh, the Broncos’ struggling O came back to rear its ugly head again. To boot, an NFL Network report stirred the quarterback debate in Denver once again and incited the masses even before the first snap of the game, calling the situation “uncomfortable and difficult.”

The Broncos are in a tailspin, having gone 3-4 in the last seven games after starting the year 7-0. Denver is looking for answers and all we have are “Studs and Duds” from Week 15.