Are you enjoying the bubble playoff runs of the Avs and Nuggets, but miss attending a sporting event in person? There might just be some good news for you.

According to 9News’ Steve Staeger, the Broncos are going to ask the state of Colorado to allow them to admit a ‘limited number of fans’ at their home games this fall. A Broncos task force, led by Brittany Bowlen has drafted up a proposal totaling over 8,000 words that details all the health and safety measures put in place, which they will soon send to the state, a team employee told Staeger.

The changes to the stadium experience for fans in regards to health and safety include touchless ticket entry and bathrooms, no longer accepting cash at concessions and requirements for face masks and social distancing. There’s also the possibility that the Broncos could prevent fans from tailgating in the team’s parking lot before games to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

As well as considering the Broncos’ proposal to have fans at games, the state is also reportedly considering a proposal from the Colorado Rockies to allow fans at their games. “Any future actions will be dependent on the science, evidence and [epidemic] curve,” a state health department spokesman wrote in a statement to 9News.

With that said, it is currently unknown as to how many fans would be allowed to attend if the state approved the Broncos’ proposal, but we can get a general estimate from the rest of the league. The rival Chiefs are currently planning on filling their stadium to 22 percent capacity, which if replicated by the Broncos, would allow approximately 16,750 fans into Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.