Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback!

Drew Lock must be feeling like Jan Brady lately, with everyone talking about other quarterbacks while he’s still the should-be starter for the Denver Broncos in 2021.

But, the NFL is a results-oriented business, and while there have been some serious bright spots in his play, Lock has been too inconsistent to be considered “the guy” at this stage in his career.

The Broncos have been active this offseason when it comes to inquiring about could-be QBs, and that has only continued as this NFL Draft season has ramped up.

This 2021 Draft is jam-packed with likely star QBs — although no one knows for sure until they play in the big leagues — and with the San Francisco 49ers moving up to No. 3 late last week, many believe three of the top four will be gone immediately.

Or, will the 49ers draft Mac Jones? That’s the rumor floating around the league, one which could just be a smoke screen as they hope to draft, say, Trey Lance.

When the rumors broke that Jones could be the guy at No. 3, Broncos fans rejoiced because that increases the likelihood that either Lance or Justin Fields falls to No. 9, where Denver selects.

Speaking of Jones, his second Pro Day is today and Broncos GM George Paton will not be in attendance. But, Denver will send Frantzy Jourdain, their southeast area scout. Paton, instead, will be at Fields’ dueling Pro Day today to observe the workout of the former Ohio State star. Fields looks to be a sure-fire star, with a higher ceiling than does Jones, however, Jones is supposed to be ready to play immediately at the NFL level.

And while the Niners seem to be in love with him, if they are just sending up a smoke screen, Jones could be available when Denver picks at 9. That’s why, according to George Stoia, the former ‘Bama QB said he is meeting with the Broncos again next week.

An added wrinkle to the Jones-to-the-Broncos ideas are the fact that not only did he team up with Jerry Jeudy at Alabama, the two offensive stars were roommates a few years ago as well.

Jeudy had a tough up-and-down year as a rookie last season, maybe pairing him with Jones could spark more consistent play?

While others in this class are supreme athletes, Jones is considered the least athletic of them all. But, he did throw for 4,500 yards with 41 TD and only 4 INT last year while being extremely accurate and consistent.

Paton has done a ton to re-sign key players while also securing stud cornerbacks Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller to give Denver arguably the best secondary in the league. In fact, the Broncos may have a top-3 defense as we sit here today, at the end of March.

Offensively, Jeudy leads a cast of young playmakers on that offense which has most fans wondering; will Denver improve at the all-important quarterback position this offseason?

At No. 9 overall, Paton and Co. aren’t in position to land one of the top-4 quarterbacks unless one of them falls. In that case, it’s possible they pull the trigger and land a gun-slinger.

But, the more likely outcome as of today — about one month until the first round kicks off on April 29 — is Denver moving down in the first and acquiring more picks.