Jamal Murray was considered one of the best offensive weapons in the draft his year, but when it came down to strictly shooting, the debate landed upon Murray versus Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield, who was selected by the Pelicans one spot before Murray. Now, Hield has come out making a strong proclamation that he believes he is a better player than Murray.

“Well … I’m a better player than (Jamal) Murray, you stop being crazy,” Hield said in response to a fan’s question about why the Pelicans didn’t select Murray over Hield, per The Bird Writes.

The two were the class’ top sharpshooters, so comparisons were bound to happen. Most draft scouts had Murray graded out as the better prospect, but the Pelicans opted for Hield. The Nuggets couldn’t have been happier to have Murray fall into their lap.

As their rookie years and careers continue on, the two will most definitely be keep an eye each other’s performances. There’s nothing like a good draft-day rivalry to spur your career.

The Nuggets open up their season on the road against the Pelicans, so we should see how the two stack up against each other right off the bat.