In a recent tweet, Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson showed his frustrations with Mark Schlereth, who seemed to have ruffled some feathers in a recent analysis of the Broncos’ decision to match the Dolphin’s four-year offer of $18 million.

Schlereth referred to Elway’s decision as a “panic move” stemming from the team’s loss of quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Texans. Schlereth, like many other Broncos followers, feels that Anderson is a good player, yet doesn’t quite represent the caliber player worth the money that the franchise put out to keep him.

“It makes me sound like I’m trying to bash C.J. Anderson, which I’m not trying to do, I’m just saying C.J. Andersons a fine player. At $2.5 million at one year I love C.J. Anderson. At 4.5 million at four years, uh, thank you, but no thank you,” Schlereth said in defense of his comments.

Obviously, though, “trying to bash C.J. Anderson” is exactly what C.J. Anderson thought Schlereth was trying to do.

But maybe Anderson should shift his feelings of being disrespected back to the franchise that didn’t even bother to place him under the second-round tender in the first place.

“You went up $3 million a year to a guy that you basically said go ahead and walk, we don’t care… I think you overpaid for a guy that you essentially didn’t want in the first place.” Schlereth said.

Though the decision looked panic-stricken, Denver hopes that C.J. Anderson will rise above the skepticism surrounding him, and respond with a productive season.