There’s something to being the underdog, and C.J. Anderson understands that very well. As an undrafted free agent out of Cal, Anderson was told by the 32 franchises in the NFL that he wasn’t good enough.

And that fueled him.

Every moment of his career has been an opportunity to prove himself and to prove his doubters wrong, and that’s exactly what he’s done.

But if there’s anybody who understands that feeling better than Anderson, it’s Tom Brady, who’s been using that same fire as fuel for for 15 years. And on Sunday, after Anderson and the Broncos dethroned Brady and the Patriots, the Hall of Fame quarterback gave the young running back some meaningful words.

Anderson responded in kind:

He also sent out this tweet:

Inspiration can come from many different places. For C.J., it comes from within, it comes from the doubters and it comes from those who have done it before him.

Now, C.J., if you can take those words of inspiration and use them as a catalyst towards Super Bowl victory, no one will doubt you again.