C.J. Anderson is ready to be the new “face” of the offense

C.J. Anderson

CJ Anderson is ready to become the face of the Broncos’ offense this season, especially with the big questions looming at the quarterback position.

Anderson, in a run heavy Gary Kubiak offense, will be featured as much as any other year in his career. During the regular season in 2015, he carried the ball 152 times for 720 yards and five touchdowns. In the postseason, he rushed for 234 yards and two touchdowns, having his best game in the Super Bowl (90 yards and a touchdown on 23 attempts).

Anderson spoke to the media on Thursday and was asked about becoming the new face of the offense.

“Of course, I mean who doesn’t,” Anderson told reporters about his new role. “I also want to do the things that I need to do within the system and within the team. I’m not going to go out there and do anything extra. The C.J. that you know, he’s going to do the same things, but I’m just going to elevate it a lot more.”

Being the leader of the offense is somewhat new to Anderson, who has only been in the league for four years now. Rookie running back Devontae Booker is also in need of a leader and a player to look up to. Anderson can fit that role perfectly, and he understands that just him, alone, won’t get the job done; he needs the help of Ronnie Hillman and Booker, as well as Juwan Thompson and Kapri Bibbs.

Still, as the man with the big paycheck, the expectations are higher for Anderson.

“If you’re playing well, you have people saying that you’re playing well, and they’re looking behind you and your teammates are looking at you giving it your all, it makes it much easier than if you’re not playing well,” Anderson said. “If you’re doing things the wrong way and then you are trying to tell the team, ‘Hey man, we need to do this,’ nobody is going to listen to you too much.”

Giving it his “all” will truly benefit Booker and other players like Mark Sanchez, who are new to this type of offense. Knowing your running back is giving 100 percent effort all the time, every time, is an invaluable trait that only true leaders show.

If Booker and the others follow Anderson’s lead, this offense could be better than last season, and being better than last season means only one thing: another Super Bowl.