The Denver Broncos are coming off a big win against the Cowboys last Sunday in Dallas. Now the Broncos have their sight on the playoffs but must deal with the Philadelphia Eagles first.

Does the Mile High Sports Broncos team feel the Broncos dominating win against the Cowboys changes the perspective of the coaching staff? Who must play big against the Eagles to keep Denver streaking? And how can this team get a third straight win on Sunday?

All that and more including final score predictions in this week’s MHS roundtable.


Did the win in Dallas change your outlook on this team and his coaching staff for this season?

Zach Segars (@Zach_Segars): Yes, in the sense that I had given up and now there’s a glimmer of hope promising enough to put me back on the fence. If they lose to Philly though, I’ll feel foolish forever giving them a second chance.

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): I’ll say, it changed my outlook for the team for this moment in time. They were on fire last week, in the biggest win of Vic Fangio’s head coaching career. All of that will come crashing back to earth if they lose against Philly this week, though.

Lindsay Bebout (@lindsaybebout): I’m still in shock by what I witnessed. How did that happen? I’ve been a Negative Nancy this whole season, but I cannot lie, now I’ve got some Optimistic Olivia in me. How could I not?!

JT Matthews (@JTMatthews01): It did change my outlook towards the positive. I have always believed that Denver’s defense was capable of being an elite unit. The problem was that I didn’t believe this offense was capable of scoring 30 points in a game. If Teddy Bridgwater can command this offense similarly moving forward, it would significantly impact my expectations for this Broncos team.

Nicholas Manning (@Dr_NManning): Yes, how can it not? Denver dominated a 6-1 team on the road. Now, there are doubts about whether this team can remain committed to their offensive winning formula (running the ball). But with their jobs on the line, I am inclined to believe Pat Shurmur and Vic Fangio will try to stay with what worked.

Joey Richards (@JRDrafts): This win has given me a slight glimmer of optimism heading into this week against the Eagles. Before, I thought it was time to pack it in but after a good win and in an underperforming AFC West, the Broncos have a chance at the playoffs. As far as the staff goes, my thoughts are fairly consistent, I never put all of the blame on Vic Fangio.


What or who most surprised you from the Broncos win against the Cowboys?

Rich Kurtzman: The biggest surprise for me was that Denver didn’t come out of halftime flat after leading 16-0, they kept the foot on the gas. Again, it was the most complete game in the Fangio Era.

Lindsay Bebout: It was so unexpected. I knew our defense was good, but our offense has been underwhelming all season and came out with a bang. 30 unanswered points are nothing to downplay.

Zach Segars: The defense finally playing up to its talent level. It seemed like they had entirely quit on the coaching staff, and it’s nearly impossible to put that toothpaste back in the tube. Yet, the defense looked elite against Dallas, as opposed to the bottom-five unit they had been previously.

Joey Richards: Other than winning so dominantly, the thing that most surprised me was just how good the Broncos were running the football. The interior offensive line has been disappointing this season and to see them run all over the Dallas defense was a pleasant shock.
Nicholas Manning: That the team finally gelled, and it was glorious. This was by far, the most impressive win of Vic Fangio’s head coaching era. The team seemed to have a punch and counter punch for any and everything Dallas threw their way.

JT Matthews: Not to beat a dead horse, but the offense’s ability to score more points than they had all season was a huge surprise. Also, the offensive line did an amazing job considering they were down four starters at one point during the game.


What must Denver do to keep the momentum going against the Eagles?

Nicholas Manning: Control the line of scrimmage. That was our key individual matchup last week for Denver, and it showed in this team’s dominant effort. If the Broncos continue to hold their own up front against Fletcher Cox and Co., Denver should get a win Sunday.

Rich Kurtzman: What I liked about last week was the balance on the offensive side of the ball. If the Broncos can run the ball like that again, it takes a lot of pressure off the offensive line in terms of pass blocking and takes the pressure off of Teddy Bridgewater as well.

Lindsay Bebout: Shut down Jalen Hurts, run the ball efficiently, and not allow any deep ball passes.

Joey Richards: For the Broncos to win against the Eagles they must continue to get the same level of productivity out of their reserves. The Broncos are a very injured squad and have to find a way to replace their starters.
JT Matthews: Denver needs to continue to be aggressive on defense and bring multiple pressure looks against Jalen Hurts. The more they can make him uncomfortable, the more likely it is he will make a mistake. They also need to negate his opportunities to scramble because his ability to create with his legs could be problematic.

Zach Segars: The run game feels like the key to everything, so the run game has to keep rolling. It helps the offense be semi-dangerous, and the offense not being a laughing stock helps the defense stay engaged and motivated. Talent has never been the question, fire has been.


If Denver wins against Philadelphia, do you believe they will make the playoffs?

Joey Richards: If the Broncos win against the Eagles, their odds greatly increase of making the playoffs. At the end of the day, I think it will come down to how teams in other divisions perform.

Zach Segars: I’ll believe it’s possible, and that their odds should be pretty close to 50/50. Winning this game shows the Broncos are still alive. Losing it just about removes all doubt that they’re dead in the water, as it’s one of just two ‘easy’ games remaining.

Nicholas Manning: My hope meter has swung. Looking at their schedule and the struggles their future opponents are having, how can you not be encouraged by their path to the playoffs. With five out of their final seven against division opponents and games against the Lions and Bengals, the AFC West crown is not out of the question either.

Rich Kurtzman: Maybe? If they beat the Eagles, and then if they can continue that momentum through the bye week, they will have a shot at the playoffs. Two key divisional games loom in the two weeks after the bye; but let’s see if they win on Sunday, first.

Lindsay Bebout: Hard to say. I think their fate is more dependent on what happens to the other teams in their division. I think they can get a record good enough to make the playoffs, but not if the other AFC Westerners do better.

JT Matthews: I don’t think this game necessarily has a bearing on whether the Broncos’ chances of making the playoffs. Divisional games will likely be the tipping point.
Score predictions for Eagles vs. Broncos Sunday at Empower Field at Mile High?
JT Matthews: I predict that Denver will win 24-21. Call me crazy but I believe Denver is the superior football team and will be able to pull out a third straight win.

Zach Segars: 24-16 Broncos win. The offense will have a ho-hum day as Philly’s strength in the trenches slows down the run, but Denver’s D will have no problem with Jalen Hurts, and will ultimately secure the victory for Denver.

Lindsay Bebout: 31-17. After last week, how could I not? However, I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried that the Broncos are like the ex-boyfriend who promises he’ll change but then goes back to his bad habits after one week.

Rich Kurtzman: Broncos win 27-24. Teddy will lead the Broncos to a 4th quarter, game-winning drive in front of the orange and blue faithful.

Joey Richards: Lead by a dominant defense and steady offense, I  think the Broncos will win this game 24-17.

Nicholas Manning: Even with Pat Shurmur doubtful to call the game Sunday, the Broncos should find enough success on offense to pull out a win. The defense will stifle Jalen Hurts as Denver cruised to a 24-13 win and improve to 6-4 on the season.