If you don’t think there’s a quarterback controversy in Denver, then you’re not following the situation very closely.

Yes, Gary Kubiak said that it’s Trevor Siemian‘s job this week if he’s healthy, no questions asked. He hasn’t, though, said anything about the week after that and the week after that.

Right now, Siemian is still considered a game-item decision for Sunday’s matchup against the Falcons. If there’s so much as a question about Siemian’s health, there’s a very good chance the Broncos opt to ride Paxton Lynch four more quarters.

After that, well, it’s all up for grabs.

If Lynch gets the spot start in place of an injured Siemian and leads the Broncos to another victory over the high-flying Falcons, it’s going to become nearly impossible for Kubiak to take him out of the lineup, especially with a short week against the Chargers looming on Thursday night.

And if I’m Gary Kubiak, that’s exactly what I do. Just like he did last season with Peyton Manning, he needs to parlay Siemian’s injury into an opportunity to see what he has in Lynch. Say Siemian’s hurt (which he is), give Lynch a start or two, and then leave the door open to reevaluate in a few weeks.

Why? Because Paxton Lynch should be the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Here’s the deal: Siemian is fine. He’s done a fine job, a better job than most anyone could have expected. But Siemian is not special. 

We’re talking about a guy who has had two impressive quarters out of 14. Everything else has been average at best, if not verging on disastrous.

In Week 1, he threw two interceptions and had a few more close calls. In Week 2, he threw a sure-fire pick six, only to have the defender collapse to the ground like there was a sniper atop Sports Authority Field — he also failed to throw a touchdown against a secondary missing nearly its entire starting lineup. In Week 3, before breaking out in the second half, Siemian had two interceptions dropped by the Bengals defense. And in Week 4, the only traction Siemian and the offense had came after Aqib Talib set them up in Buccaneers’ territory with two interceptions.

Now, that’s not to say the Broncos can’t win with Siemian. They absolutely can. From what we’ve seen over the last 12 months, they can win with anybody, and that’s why you put Paxton Lynch in the game.

The Broncos are in the perfect position to play the high-upside card. And yes, Paxton Lynch’s upside is significantly higher than Trevor Siemian’s.

And don’t give me the “Siemian is safer” response. That’s simply not true. He’s averaging nearly an interception a game, and there are three or four more the defense let slip through their hands. For all intents and purposes, his a rookie, and he’s going to make rookie mistakes.

So if the Broncos are going to be forced to deal with rookie mistakes, why not have the rookie make them?

There’s no doubt Lynch will throw some interceptions, but if there’s any quarterback on the roster capable of taking the offense from good to great, it’s him.

Don’t forget: Paxton Lynch is the highly-touted first-round pick, not Siemian.

Siemian has done everything the Broncos could have asked him to do, but to say that he’s proven himself to be the “answer” at quarterback is just wrong. He’s proven to be capable. Lynch has the talent to be great.