by Justin Michael

On Sunday, Casey Kreiter will become the first-ever long snapper to represent the Denver Broncos in a Pro Bowl. Selected by Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn as a “need” position, Kreiter is one of four Denver players that will be in Orlando, Fla., for the annual event.

“I guess it’s always on your radar at this time of year as a long snapper,” Kreiter told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on the Afternoon Drive. “You know they don’t pick until this time of year, so when I found out it was going to be the Chargers, I was hopeful.”

Kreiter explained that his successful 2018 season had a lot to do with consistency and he thinks that is why Lynn ultimately picked him over the competition. In three seasons with the team, Kreiter is responsible for zero botched snaps, and according to Kreiter, you would have to go back to his first season at Iowa to even find one on film.

“I pride myself on being very consistent, especially field goal wise, and I think that stands out,” Kreiter said. “I know I sent a text to coach Stewart, the special teams coordinator down there, and he just that overall he just respects my game. And how I go about my business made it a no-brainer for him.”

When asked if he would have been told one week ago that he would be doing radio interviews, Kreiter told Goodman and Shapiro that he likely would have assumed it would have been for getting re-signed or tendered. But, now that he is a Pro Bowl honoree, maybe a new contract will be something that is discussed down the line.

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