The night before training camp opens can be nerve racking for many NFL players. The anticipation, the anxiety and the excitement. Not to mention the nervousness. For second-year special teams players, those nerves can be strung even more thin. But Casey Kreiter got his best night of sleep in a while on training camp eve this year.

Kreiter has a newborn son, and confided with Benny Bash and Kent Erickson of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 that he slept quite well in the peace and quiet of the team hotel ahead of the first day of camp.

Born July 11, 2017, Landen Kreiter is Casey’s first child.

The former Iowa Hawkeye also shared with Bash and Erickson some of the emotions he went through when he finally landed with an NFL squad. Kreiter attended camp with the Cowboys in both 2014 and ’15, failing to make the roster, before Denver gave him a chance in 2016. He was working as a biology teacher when the Broncos helped him realize his NFL dream, something he’d like to continue after his football career is over.

For now, though, he’s focused on football. And getting a good night’s sleep.

Listen to the full interview with Kreiter in the podcast below.

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