Thursday, June 27, 2019

Takeaways from the Broncos preseason loss to Minnesota

Who shined? Who was a dud? Ronnie Kohrt discusses his takeaways from the Broncos preseason loss to the Vikings in the latest podcast.

Without a better quarterback, how important is the Broncos’ new head coach?

How crucial is the next coaching hire to the Broncos? Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt dives into the decision and if it even matters without a better quarterback.

Rebuilding the Broncos will need to be Elway’s finest hour

John Elway has rebuilt the Broncos once and he'll have to do it again. Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt lays out the challenges ahead of the Broncos head man.

Success of Broncos squarely on shoulders of Vic Fangio and Gary Kubiak

Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt discusses the addition of Vic Fangio and what he will do paired next to Gary Kubiak running the Broncos offense and defense.

Coach, GM or player: who’s to blame for the Broncos’ struggles this year?

The Broncos are struggling, but why? And who is to blame? Ronnie Kohrt and Shawn Drotar discusses each player's situation in the latest podcast.

Which drafted (and undrafted) rookies make the Broncos roster?

Rookies continue to impress in Denver.

Broncos’ biggest surprises, disappointments at the bye

The Broncos Blitz podcast gives out some midseason MVP awards, as well as names their most disappointing Bronco on the latest edition of the podcast.

Searching for the next Broncos backup quarterback

Could a trade provide the Broncos their solution at back up quarterback?

ESPN’s Merril Hoge weighs in on Joe Mixon, Broncos quarterbacks

A former NFL player, ESPN’s Merril Hoge can easily sift through players to find the talented of the bunch. Hoge joined Eric Goodman and Les...

How hot is the seat under Vance Joseph?

Is it time to make a decision on Vance Joseph? Should the Broncos ride out the storm? Broncos Blitz podcast host breaks down the latest regarding the head coach on the hot seat.