Thursday, June 27, 2019

Demaryius Thomas: ‘So many options’ in Broncos’ new offense

Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas likes the way Mike McCoy's offense opens things up for Denver's playmakers.

Chris Harris: Broncos’ front seven won’t get pushed around this year

The Broncos’ run defense was disappointing in 2016, but Chris Harris believes a return to form is in the works for the 2017 season.
Credit: Ryan Greene 5280 Sports Network

Isaiah McKenzie using speed to beat the altitude in Denver

Coming from the humidity-laden University of Georgia, Broncos' fifth-round pick Isaiah McKenzie is still learning to play at altitude.

Eleven guys coming to eat your head off, not a lot of guys can...

Broncos rookie wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie explains why he's so excited to factor into special teams.

Jeff Hoffman: Major League Baseball is a different animal

"There is no situation they can put you in in Albuquerque that can prepare you for Denver. It’s a different animal," Hoffman told Mile High Sports.

Rockies’ depth is encouraging as MLB season rolls on

The Rockies’ early success has everyone buzzing, but critics are asking if it’s just a hot start or something that can be sustained for the full season.

Garett Bolles: ‘All these guys up front, they wanna fight’

The meanest offensive line in the NFL hasn’t lived in Denver for some time now. Rookie Garett Bolles wants to be a part of changing that this year.
Credit: Ryan Greene, 5280 Sports Network

T.J. Ward: Broncos QBs more accurate, confident this year

"Definitely their confidence," Ward said regarding the biggest differences he has noticed this season. "You can tell that their demeanor is a lot better."

The work is never-ending for NFL rookies like Garett Bolles

"You have to study your playbook in the building. You have to study your playbook in the hotel. The game definitely speeds up after college," Bolles says.

Jeff Hoffman is focused on his next start, not his future with the Rockies

Rookie right-hander Jeff Hoffman has seized every big-league opportunity that's come his way this year, but he's not about to start lobbying for more.