Sunday, May 26, 2019

Saints coach Sean Payton talks QBs, including Siemian, Lynch and Romo

Payton knows a thing or two about them quarterbacks. He even knows about Romo, Siemian and Lynch specifically. He offered his two cents to Sean Walsh.

Shane Ray discusses the impact DeMarcus Ware had as a mentor

For Shane Ray, DeMarcus Ware was not just a teammate. The pair shared a bond that went far beyond that.

Houston Texans may only be willing to buy very low on Tony Romo

"I’m just guessing they’d give him like $3-4 million [base salary] and that’s it," said longtime NFL reporter John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Ron Leary reveals what he’s looking to bring with him from Dallas

"We were a real unselfish group down there," Leary said. "We didn’t care about individual things, we just cared about being a great o-line."

If healthy, Tony Romo is the possible solution for Broncos’ broken offense

“If I was John Elway, I would be looking at Tony Romo really hard, because I think he can still absolutely play at a high level,” said Dale Hansen.

After being thrown a curveball, Chad Bettis getting back to normal

Diagnosed with testicular cancer last November, Bettis is getting back into the swing of things in Spring Training after being declared cancer-free.

Getting back in the groove, Greg Holland plans on locking down closer’s role

"If there’s someone that’s more capable of throwing the ninth inning than me, I think that’s a good thing, because I plan on performing well," Holland said.

Nolan Arenado talks expectations, putting in the work to stay on top

"The last couple of years have been pretty special, but I want to continue to have those special years," Arenado told Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports Radio.

As combine comes to a close, Ben Allbright talks where Broncos might look

"The positions that they have of need certainly have a lot of value in this draft; so, I would say that they should be happy," Allbright said.

CSU coach Larry Eustachy discusses pivotal matchup against Nevada

Larry Eustachy discusses CSU's upcoming Mountain West regular season championship matchup against Nevada on Saturday.