Sunday, September 15, 2019

Investigating the possibility of a Nolan Arenado blockbuster for Rockies

A recent article by Ken Rosenthal broke down the idea of a Nolan Arenado trade, a deal that would shake up the Rockies' future. What would it look like?

Rockies received several surprise breakouts at plate in developmental year

Each of the Colorado Rockies' goals for the year hasn't been completed, though many players have stood out in an otherwise down season like Tony Wolters.

Rockies’ three biggest in-house changes needed for next year

The latest episode of the 20th and Blake Podcast breaks down what the Colorado Rockies need to do in-house to be successful next year.

Rockies’ Jeff Hoffman hurling his way to fruitful final chance

Jeff Hoffman's stint with the Colorado Rockies, after being traded for Troy Tulowitzki, has been a rough one, but the latest signs have been positive.

Rockies’ Trevor Story entering historic territory, even greater unknown

The Colorado Rockies could lose both Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story, with the latter beginning to look like the club's best all-around player.

Arenado on pace for history among Rockies’ bevy of award candidates

The Colorado Rockies have several players that will be in consideration for an annual award after the season, including Nolan Arenado with a historic mark.

Opinion: Rockies regularly playing Desmond has lost justification

The Colorado Rockies continue to play Ian Desmond despite the presence of outfielders like Raimel Tapia and Sam Hilliard and there are no reasons left for it.

Rockies add catcher and infielder to roster mix, reinstate Tapia

The Colorado Rockies announced Tuesday that they've recalled both Josh Fuentes and Drew Butera to the active roster. They also reinstated Raimel Tapia.

Early promotion of Peter Lambert backfiring for Rockies’ future hopes

The Colorado Rockies are on the verge of jeopardizing their future with Peter Lambert after an early promotion has gone wayward following first two starts.

Rockies conflicted about last September expansion before rule change

The Colorado Rockies' players and coaches offered up mixed feelings for the last roster expansion before next year's rule changes go into effect.