Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Former Rockie Walker falls short in HOF vote

Larry Walker got left out in the latest round of HOF voting, but got enough votes to remain on the ballot for the foreseeable future

Moves must be made if the Rockies want this season to live up to...

With other teams making upgrades, the Rockies' options have narrowed and asking prices have skyrocketed, leaving the club in a tight position.

In the Noe: Rockies will be fine as Ian Desmond recovers

I can give you 70 million reasons why Ian Desmond's recurring injuries are bad news for the Colorado Rockies, but there's nothing he, nor they, can do about it right now.

Rocktober Revisited: Rockies end May on the upswing, but still in last place

A seven-game winning streak at the end of May gave Rockies fans a slight glimpse of what the 2007 NL Champs were capable of.
Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman’s struggles mean nothing for his future

Jeff Hoffman has struggled since being called up this summer, but the Rockies brought their top prospect up to the majors to succeed next year, not now

Patience at the plate produces important win for Rockies

The Rockies took advantage of three important free passes, only struck out three times, and ended up winning by three runs.

Has venerable vendor Bob the Beerman poured his last Coors at Coors?

Bob the Beerman, he of Vendor’s License No. 0001, was not at Coors Field on Opening Day, aka Beer Vendors’ Heaven.

Rockies. Dodgers. First Place. Go.

For the Rockies, is it NL champs or bust?

There is still plenty to learn in this Rockies season

Football season is in full throttle, leaving the Rockies and all other teams in the Mile High City in the rearview mirror.

If all goes well, Rockies’ trip to Petco Park should be a step in...

The Rockies are in a tailspin, having lost five consecutive series. A trip to Petco Park and the last-place Padres may be the best way to right the ship.