Thursday, April 25, 2019
Rockies sending Corey Dickerson

Rockies sending Corey Dickerson to Rays for “multiple” pitchers

After weeks of speculation, the Colorado Rockies are sending Corey Dickerson to the Tampa Bay Rays
Charlie Blackmon

WATCH: Charlie Blackmon nails a half-court shot and goes insane

Charlie Blackmon takes a note out of Rocky's book and nails a backwards half-court shot at the Nuggets game

Nolan Arenado, Christian McCaffrey among Colorado Sports Hall of Fame 2015 honorees

The Rockies star third baseman and the Heisman Trophy runner-up were two of several Colorado Sports Hall of Fame 2015 honorees named.

Parra signing doesn’t necessarily mean CarGo trade will happen

With the Colorado Rockies signing free agent outfielder Gerardo Parra, Thomas Harding says a trade is coming, but it might not be for the obvious candidate.
Colorado Rockies sign OF Gerardo Parra

The Colorado Rockies sign OF Gerardo Parra, signals a looming trade

The Colorado Rockies just signed OF Gerardo Parra, opening the door for a possible Carlos Gonzalez trade

Rockies focus is on the future rather than immediate success

With the 2016 MLB season a few months away, Rockies reporter Thomas Harding seems to think the Rockies focus is on the future, not the present.

Rockies would risk overplaying their hand by adding Gerardo Parra

With a dire need for starters and an excess of outfield talent already, adding Gerardo Parra before executing a trade for pitching would only exacerbate the Rockies problems.
Rockies owner Dick Monfort

Rockies owner Dick Monfort was very angry about his UNC Bears losing to DU

If only Rockies owner Dick Monfort got as angry about Rockies losses as he did UNC losses, the Colorado Rockies might actually have a winning season

Rockies taking a different sort of gamble

Colorado's player development and self-analysis better be right after another year of minor moves during MLB's winter meetings.

Rockies latest moves don’t factor into NL West balance of power debate

While the Diamondbacks are securing frontline starters, the Rockies are making back-end bullpen moves. The NL West balance of power hasn't shifted as a result.