Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Trevor Story homers twice in Major League debut

If there was any doubt that Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor Story belonged in the big leagues so soon, it was quickly erased on Opening Day in Arizona.
Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies round-the-web power rankings

There are some rays of hope surrounding the Colorado Rockies, but for the most part, the baseball world isn't looking to fondly at their chances
Colorado Rockies 2016 season

Three big questions about the Colorado Rockies 2016 season

The Colorado Rockies 2016 season is literally hours away, but before we get lost in the excitement of opening day, we have some important questions to answer
Jose Reyes

The Mark: Is Jose Reyes the victim of a double play?

This story originally appeared in Mile High Sports Magazine. Read the full digital edition. The Colorado Rockies will be without their highest paid player, shortstop Jose Reyes, as...

With Tulo gone the Rockies have a new vibe

With Troy Tulowitzki out of the clubhouse, there's a new vibe brewing within the Colorado Rockies franchise

The Sky Sox are packing their bags and bolting to San Antonio

With the Sky Sox bolting for San Antonio, Colorado Springs will need to find a new form of entertainment

Coors Field and playing time are big reasons Mark Reynolds came to Colorado

Veteran infielder Mark Reynolds came to Colorado for the chance to play. Hitting at Coors Field didn't hinder his decision, either.

The Rockies made the right choice adding Trevor Story to the Opening Day roster

By naming Trevor Story to the Opening Day roster, the Rockies are doing right by their fans.
cut Jose Reyes

The Rockies need to do the right thing (the hard thing) and cut Jose...

It won't be easy or cost-efficient, but the Colorado Rockies need to part ways with Jose Reyes. If that means biting the bullet and paying his contract, so be it.
Jose Reyes case

No matter what happens in Jose Reyes case, Story should be full-time SS in...

The Jose Reyes case may have taken a significant turn, but the Rockies' plan at shortstop should not