Monday, April 22, 2019
Denver Broncos should be targeting

Three things the Broncos must do in the draft

The 2015 NFL Draft is fast approaching and while the mock drafts are flying around the football world, the Broncos need to stick to three simple plans

Denver’s Dilemma: Who will you root for in the Super Bowl?

From a couch in Denver, it kind of feels like the step-brother in L.A. got a shiny, new Harley-Davidson for Christmas, while the kids back home got, well, a gently used Schwinn.

Broncos not overlooking winless Giants

The Giants may be heading into Denver without a win, but the Broncos knows they could wind up on the wrong side of an upset if they're not careful.

Adam Gotsis seeks spark on defense to lift entire team

"It's kind of what's been missing -- that spark on the defensive side," says Broncos DL Adam Gotsis.

Von Miller says with a laugh: ‘We need Kirk [Cousins]’

Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller stopped by the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the highly coveted quarterback and a potential fit with the Broncos.

Meet and tweet one of your newest Broncos, @livinglegend_44

On the field, Walker is a pass-rusher who can cover the field. On Twitter, he's big on posting family photos and talking football.

How good can Case Keenum’s offensive supporting cast be for Broncos?

Case Keenum will be a crucial part of the offense, but he can't do it alone. Just how good is his supporting cast?

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on sports gambling and its future in Colorado

John Hickenlooper on sports gambling, it's future and where Colorado will sit after a landmark decision by the Supreme Court.
Von Miller’s value

Von Miller nominated for Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award

The Broncos' Von Miller has been nominated for 2017's Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award; presented each year to an NFL player who best demonstrates the qualities of on-field sportsmanship, including fair play, respect for the game and opponents and integrity in competition.

State of the AFC West

Ronnie Kohrt of the Broncos Blitz podcast goes over the state of the AFC West and the improvements made by the Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs.