Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rapid React: Manning just needs to be Manning

Thursday's game against Kansas City proved several things, including that Peyton Manning is one of the best ever and that he's far from done

Rapid React: It wasn’t all roses for the Broncos against KC

The offensive line showed some major weaknesses in Thursday night's win over Kansas City, not the least of which was a former All-Pro

Rapid React: Denver Broncos defense dominates with five takeaways

The Broncos defense was simply unconscious on Thursday night, forcing five turnovers and delivering another game-winning touchdown

Watch: The Denver Broncos prevail on an insane fumble recovery to seal the win

Manning played out his mind and the Broncos defense forced five turnovers to steal a victory. Tied at 24 the Chiefs didn't play for OT and Denver took advantage

Rapid React: Denver Broncos win on improbable fumble recovery

When Jamaal Charles fumbled for the second time in the game, this time surrendering the game-winning recovery for a touchdown, the internet went crazy

Watch: Denver Broncos tie the game up right before half in KC with huge...

Down 14-0 Manning led and drove two touchdown drives to get the game tied up at 14 before halftime against the Chiefs in KC

Rapid React: Manning, Broncos survive penalties and bad play calls for halftime tie

It was a rollercoaster first half that saw the Broncos give up bad TDs on penalties and picks, then respond when Peyton Manning took over the game

Rapid React: Sacks and fumbles rule the first quarter

The Broncos and Chiefs held one-another scoreless in the first quarter of Thursday's prime time tilt. Manning went down, a ball came loose and two Broncos set sack records

Watch: The same two Denver Broncos force huge red zone turnover in KC

They held the Chiefs to zero points inside the five early in the first quarter and kept the scoreboard at 0-0, while giving the ball back to Peyotn Manning

Crazy hypothetical could put Denver Broncos fan in a real tough spot

Which would you rather see? The Broncos win ugly and Peyton Manning struggles again OR he has a huge night and gets back on track, but the Broncos lose