Saturday, September 21, 2019

Don’t call Terrell Davis’ career short, call it efficient

Terrell Davis' career was cut short by injury, but the former Broncos running back says that shouldn't keep him out of Canton.

It’s time for the Broncos to start taking Lamar Jackson seriously

Lamar Jackson is being overlooked in the draft. The Denver Broncos should consider taking advantage of that.
Steve "Greek" Antonopulos

Broncos trainer Steve Antonopulos receives well-merited promotion

Denver Broncos head athletic trainer Steve "Greek" Antonopulos promoted to director of sports medicine after serving as head athletic trainer for 37 years.
Quarterbacks won't stop crying

Chris Harris: Quarterbacks won’t stop crying when they play the Broncos

Quarterbacks won't stop crying when the face the Denver defense, and they're getting tired of it
Ring of Fame

Three legends elected into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame

The Denver Broncos announced on Tuesday that three legends will be joining their Ring of Fame this season
Aqib Talib

The Broncos are ready for revenge against the Chargers

The Broncos' first matchup against the Chargers didn't go as planned, but Aqib Talib says Denver has their "mojo" back and are ready for revenge

Bill Romanowski believes in Derek Carr, thinks Jon Gruden needs to do better

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1340 | FM 104.7 had former Bronco and Raider Bill Romanowski on the program to talk about the potential farewell game to one of the NFL’s most iconic venues and Derk Carr's future with the franchise.

Legend, Footnote or Bust: Lynch’s fate rides on six games or less

Could Lynch be a future Hall of Famer? Could Lynch only be in the NFL the rest of this season? Big clues begin to drop this week.

Storylines to watch during Broncos Week 1 OTAs

The top storylines to watch, and their importance in the grand scheme of things, as Week 1 of Broncos OTAs gets underway.

After offseason of harsh criticism, it’s time to divert attention from the O-line

The question I have for everyone is: does the Broncos offensive line situation really matter as much as we're all reading into it?