Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Denver Broncos cut TE, LB to get to 75 players

The Broncos needed to trim their roster by two more players and did just that on Tuesday afternoon. Both guys have practice squad eligibility if needed
nicest guy in Denver

Hilarious photo of Brock Osweiler surfaces

Broncos QB Brock Osweiler is a 6-foot-8 monster. This photo taken of him today after Broncos practice when he's talking with the media is hilarious

Three possible outcomes for Montee Ball

Montee Ball has gone from a possible darkhorse starter to a guy maybe looking for work. How's it going to play out? Three scenarios are in play

Always the Underdog

Chris Harris Jr. has been overlooked all the way to the top

David Bruton’s Long Road

A seven-year climb to the starting role continues

No Longer the New Guy

Emmanuel Sanders is established and eager to make a Super Bowl run
all-pro snubs

Brandon Marshall goes out on a limb

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall says he's the best coverage linebacker in the NFL. Danny and Cello think he might need a little more time

Big Time

C.J. Anderson has our attention (whether he likes it or not)

Who Are These People?

It’s an unexpected cast of characters on the new-look o-line

In Their Words: Kubiak on roster cuts

With three more cuts to make by Tuesday, Gary Kubiak still has decisions to make. But he didn't tip his hand when speaking to the media after Monday's practice