Saturday, April 20, 2019

Brian Shaw never stood a chance

Brian Shaw was doomed from the start - asked to fit a square peg into a round hole, it's no surprise he couldn't succeed

Nuggets fire head coach Brian Shaw

After just over a season and a half as head coach of the Denver Nuggets Brian Shaw has been fired as his team sank to the bottom of the Western Conference

Nuggets podcast: Coming to terms with tanking

On this week's Nuggets podcast, there is talk about tanking, reviewing Denver's new arrivals, and a look ahead at the upcoming week

Nuggets home losing streak continues

The Nuggets got a better all-around effort but still came up short, losing to the New Orleans Pelicans 99-92 Sunday night

Nuggets continue to struggle against Jazz

The Nuggets didn't look much better than usual against Utah Friday, with their offense continuing to flounder in a 104-82 loss to the Jazz

Nuggets can ease back injured players

There shouldn't be a rush to bring back the Nuggets injured big men - in fact, Denver should be be content to let their young talent struggle

Banged-up Nuggets fall to Suns

A banged-up Nuggets group hit a rough patch in the third quarter and went down to the Phoenix Suns 110-96 Wednesday

Nuggets need to start over and establish a culture

If the Nuggets can't come together as a team, it's time to clean house and start over - which should have happened two years ago

Game preview – Nuggets vs. Suns

The Denver Nuggets look to get back into the win column as they take on a tough Phoenix Suns team tonight at the Pepsi Center

Ty Lawson’s time in Denver is up

The Denver Nuggets lack consistency from the most important position and player on the floor and that's Ty Lawson