Monday, January 21, 2019

History suggests that Broncos fans shouldn’t be discouraged

Despite consecutive disappointing losses this year, a look back at Denver's most magical season suggests Broncos fans shouldn’t be discouraged.

Rockies squandered a golden opportunity at Coors Field this weekend

The Rockies season may have reached its tipping point after dropping two of three games to Miami at Coors Field over the weekend.

Frei: About Paxton Lynch … well … um … hummina, hummina …

A sage football man once told me that one of the most important attributes in his business was having the ability to acknowledge that...

Frei: The most glaring ex-player Ring of Fame omission is Otis Armstrong

Otis was the Broncos’ first round draft choice in 1973, befuddling many because future Hall of Famer Floyd Little was entrenched at running back. But the Armstrong pick proved to be another savvy decision made by GM-coach John Ralston during the franchise’s buildup to respectability.

Trevor Siemian, a backup quarterback disguised as a “game manager”

Trevor Siemian looks like a "game manager," he wins like a "game manager" and he carries himself like a "game manager." But Trevor Siemian is not a "game manager"

Mike McCoy faces a familiar task with Jamaal Charles

Mike McCoy is charged with doing something he's done once in Denver already: Rejuvenate the career of a 30-year-old running back.

Returns of MacKinnon, Millsap could propel postseason runs

One’s an MVP candidate. The other is a four-time All-Star. And they can propel the Avs and the Nugs to the postseason and beyond.

CU’s season is already a huge success

Pac-12 Championship or not, the Colorado Buffaloes season has already been a shining success

John Elway passes on a passer, makes the safe pick with Bradley Chubb

John Elway, maybe the greatest quarterback of all-time, passed on two could-be legends at quarterback. All because -- as a GM, at least -- he clearly loves defense more than offense.

The Broncos quarterback situation defies all logic

Apparently, applying common sense is a lost art in the Mile High City. At least it seems to be when it comes to the highest-profile job in town.