Wednesday, June 26, 2019

There is a Plan ‘B’ in the Broncos’ quarterback search: Baker Mayfield

John Elway famously said, "there is no Plan B," but he's seemed to have learned his lesson since then. Plan "B" is for Baker.

Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield is exactly what the Denver Broncos need

The Broncos need a quarterback with fire, with bravado, with attitude. They need Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield.

Playoffs? Avs’ star wants to win the Stanley Cup

Nathan MacKinnon knows they have to get in the playoffs first, but the MVP candidate thinks the Avs have a legitimate shot at the Cup once there.

It’s a new year — and the Nuggets are bad again

The Denver Nuggets' games in January have been a mix of frustrating wins and bad losses. There's a an urgent need to fix the team's current issues to stay in the playoff chase.
Colorado Avalanche need to close

Landeskog wears the ‘C’, but MacKinnon finally leads the way for the Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon is doing more than just putting together a stellar season. You can't take your eyes off the star of the Avs' resurgence.
Denver Broncos cheerleaders

These playoffs are proving the Broncos are still Denver’s best chance for a championship

The way the NFL playoffs set up and the makeup of the Broncos roster make a return to the top very possible very soon.

Despite their absence, the Broncos have made a mark on the postseason

The Vikings, Eagles, Jaguars and Patriots are all moving on, and they each have a stout defense (and the Broncos by extension) to thank for it.

College recruiting could be drama-free

College recruiting is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. There's a very simple solution that would help the college and pro ranks, and is already working in one sport.

Making sense of Mike MacIntyre’s misstep

Hindsight is 20/20, but Doug Ottewill can understand why Mike MacIntyre responded the way he did to domestic violence allegations against one of his staff.

Time for Aqib Talib to knock off the tomfoolery and lead this defense

Aqib Talib escaped serious injury, legal charges and punishment from the NFL stemming from his self inflicted gunshot wound last June. It is time for Talib to appreciate his good fortune and change his priorities.