Thursday, August 22, 2019

As all eyes focus on Elway’s Twitter, it appears Joseph’s next job won’t be...

If John Elway was blown away by Vance Joseph – convinced he was the man to lead the franchise moving forward – he wouldn’t let him get away.
C.J. Anderson

C.J. Anderson can be the best running back in football

Eliminate the first six games of the 2015 season and C.J. Anderson has been the best running back in the NFL throughout his career.

Frei: For the kazillionth time … it’s time for CU and CSU to revive...

This absence of baseball at CU and CSU has gotten ridiculous. And even embarrassing.

Trading Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon doesn’t make sense

Shipping two All-Star outfielders just when the team is starting to turn a corner goes against everything the Rockies have been building.

Another achievement brings out the Tim Tebow haters

Hating Tim Tebow is easy. Given his list of accomplishments, more should people try liking one of the hardest-working guys in the world.
Devin Bush in Pittsburgh. Credit: Charles LeClaire, USA TODAY Sports.

Double Coverage: Was passing on Devin Bush a mistake for Broncos?

Our Broncos writers go head-to-head in a debate about the Broncos' first-round selection and trade in the 2019 draft. Not only did that trade affect this season, but it will affect Denver's future for years to come.

So long and farewell, Troy Tulowitzki

Jeff Bridich and the Colorado Rockies finally pulled the trigger on trading away their franchise player to the Toronto Blue Jays

The real problem with the Broncos offense

In order for the Broncos to feel as good about their unbeaten record as the other five teams with a perfect mark, they need to get much better in the trenches
Demaryius Thomas

The Demaryius Thomas conundrum

In need of money to keep his world-class defense intact, John Elway has got to find a way to solve the Demaryius Thomas conundrum

Rockies need to become a “defense first” baseball team

The Rockies can get back on the road to success by taking a page from the Broncos playbook and focusing on defense first.