Monday, April 22, 2019

Jamal Murray, the new face of the Denver Nuggets

Jamal Murray had a breakout performance on Tuesday, and it only looks to be the start. The kid is something special, and he's here to stay

CU can’t afford to miss on its next head football coach

If the next coach in Boulder isn't the right fit, the stands at Folsom will continue to look like they did on Saturday - cold and empty.

Making the playoffs is the fastest way the Nuggets can improve

Adding more young potential to the Nuggets already log-jammed roster isn’t going to make them a contender. Making the playoffs will - eventually.

Are we there yet, Colorado?

It's been a long road to San Antonio and the Alamo Bowl for Colorado football fans.
Credit: Ryan Greene, 5280 Sports Network

Bright-eyed Broncos bring burst, speed as Super Bowl hangover subsides

The No. 1 thing that stood out on Day 1 of OTAs was the speed. Or as Vance Joseph would say: The juice. The Broncos flew all over the field.

The defense rests: Arenado’s sterling glove work won’t matter to MVP voters

No matter how spectacular Arenado was this season, the stigma of high altitude, playing for a bad team and the voters’ disregard for defensive prowess will doom him in the voting
success of the Broncos season

The Broncos ground game is running in place

John Elway has invested $20 million this offseason into a Broncos ground game that accounted for 1,583 yards and 12 touchdowns last year.

Von Miller says he’s entering training camp in football shape despite busy offseason

After missing all of the offseason workout programs, Von Miller made his first appearance at Broncos headquarters on Wednesday - in great shape, he says.

Nuggets still need someone they can count on when it counts

If your team has a closer, a guy like Larry Bird or James Harden who wants the ball with the game on the line, chances are you’re winning a lot of games.

Nolan Arenado, DJ LeMahieu win Golden Glove awards

Nolan Arenado, D.J. LeMahieu win Golden Glove awards.