Friday, April 26, 2019

Elway and Ellis crush it, Vance Joseph bungles everything… again

John Elway and Joe Ellis are going to fix this mess. The problem: They’re stuck with an incompetent and overwhelmed coach -- for now.

Time to drop the ‘party deck’ jokes; the Rockies have spent their way into...

Less than six weeks away from spring training, the Rockies have outspent every single team in baseball during this offseason's free-agency period. Every one.

John Elway’s generation gap may soon be too wide to cross

While an older generation remains concerned that the Broncos' struggles are hurting Elway's legacy, the younger one wonders if it's really Elway's legacy that's hurting the Broncos.

The master of crunch time, John Elway, faces it again entering the draft

For the first time in a long time, maybe since the embarrassing loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV, John Elway must quiet his critics.

Losing Outside the Lines: Broncos are getting beat off the field

At what point is Vance Joseph responsible for Trevor Siemian’s ineptitude?

New Year’s Resolution: Say ‘so long’ to Vance Joseph

There’s no doubt that a solid quarterback will help the Broncos immensely. But there’s zero reason to stop there. A change must be made at the top.

Crazy for thinking this Colorado Avalanche plan might work

The Avalanche are breaking the mold of organizational issues that span multiple decades. This current team could be the start of sustained success.

Momentum mounting on Nathan MacKinnon MVP train

Even the most optimistic of Avalanche fans knew MacKinnon could be really, really good -- but did anyone see this coming?

A ’90s NBA fan learns to go with the Nuggets’ flow

The beauty and poetry of Nikola Jokic, Gary Harris, Jamal Murray and more has reintroduced me to the game in a way I never thought possible.

Don’t Do It, Denver: Why Jamaal Charles isn’t the answer

Jamaal Charles is a great player. But he’s also an NFL running back about to enter his 10th season. And he has a history of being hurt.