Sunday, August 18, 2019

Thursday isn’t just another game for Cryin’ Cam and the Panthers

The Denver Broncos can call Thursday's NFL opener just another game, but for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers it simply isn't

The next five games could define a Nuggets team in need of a playoff...

Sitting at 23-28, Denver is currently the eighth seed in the Western Conference, but we’ll know a lot more about their playoff chances after this stretch.
Mike MacIntyre

CU fans should embrace the stability of Mike MacIntyre

In a season in which eight schools are already looking for new coaches, CU has made the wise choice to stick with Mike MacIntyre despite his team's struggles

Summer daydreams sometimes lead to salivating about several more championships

This is a sports dream. Specifically, a Denver sports one. The Broncos winning Super Bowl 50 was so sweet that Will Petersen is ready for more.

Election Season: Voting in the greatest Colorado sports figures

America's election took place last night, but Colorado's election isn't over. Here are the leaders of the Colorado sports nation

Trevor Siemian has the one trait the Broncos starting quarterback needs

Although he's relatively unknown, new Broncos starter Trevor Siemian shares one important trait with his Hall of Fame predecessor says a Pro Bowl teammate.

Time to salute excellence and give the Patriots their due

While we’re rooting our butts off for the Broncos on Sunday to take down Belichick and Brady, we should actually take a moment to give the Patriots their due.

Let’s sell John Elway a quarterback

If there's one thing John Elway knows other than football, it's how to sell a car. Benny Bash channels that to try and sell Elway a quarterback.

No big splash at the deadline means the Nuggets must act this summer

The Nuggets did not make any major moves prior to the NBA trade deadline. Now, all the pressure in the world will land on GM Tim Connelly this summer.

For Rams, defense can’t rest early on

CSU's new up-tempo offense gives its defense a chance to do something it didn't do very well last year: keep opponents out of the end zone