Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Expectations dictate feelings on Broncos offense

Five wins and no losses to start the season is good, but are the Broncos anywhere close to being ready to face the class of the NFL?

Brock Osweiler will get his shot, but it shouldn’t be now

Those clamoring for Brock Osweiler would be wise to remember what transpired when Mike Shanahan benched Jake Plummer in favor of Jay Cutler

The real problem with the Broncos offense

In order for the Broncos to feel as good about their unbeaten record as the other five teams with a perfect mark, they need to get much better in the trenches

Mike Bobo and CSU should try to be like Boise State, not Georgia

If CSU wants to make a bid for a Power Five conference, it needs to first prove it can be the class of the Mountain West

A lack of draft success on defense is costing the Avalanche

The foundation of Colorado’s current team has one glaring issue - an extreme lack of drafted and developed defensemen

Avs full of questions in pivotal year for core

With many Colorado players coming of age and coming off of disappointing seasons, the pressure is on for Patrick Roy’s squad

Rules are ruling (and ruining) the NFL

A non-call will have people calling for the heads of the referees from Monday's Lions-Seahawks game, even though the common-sense view says they got it right

Peyton Manning’s fourth-quarter mastery is underappreciated

By over-analyzing Peyton Manning's numbers and aesthetics, Broncos fans are missing out on some great performances by the quarterback

My old school: Northglenn High turns 50

There are a lot of local high schools that have seen more on-field and on-court success than Northglenn. But how many of them have produced a high-quality local sports magazine?

Matt Forte isn’t the Bear who can fix Denver’s offense

The problem with the Denver Broncos offense so far in 2015 doesn't lie with the running backs, it's the lack of a dynamic tight end