Friday, September 21, 2018

Why Elway, Bourque and Manning inspired me to live freely

“Stick to sports!” We hear it a lot in 2018. It’s directed, usually, at big-time media members – mostly on Twitter – when they offer...

Buy early and buy local, Broncos, because last-minute shoppers get fleeced

John Elway can find some bargains on his own roster as he builds for 2018, but he can't afford to wait until the last minute to lock them up.

With promotion, Joe Woods’ bag of tricks just got bigger

Joe Woods turned in back-to-back seasons leading the top secondary in the NFL, now he's got his hands on the entire Broncos defense.

History shows that John Elway still has plenty of time to sign Von Miller

Although there is less than 48 hours left to work out a long-term deal between Von Miller and the Denver Broncos, history shows that this is when John Elway's thrives.

Emmanuel Mudiay is going to be the next John Wall

Size, speed, vision, struggles shooting early in their careers… the parallels between Wall and Mudiay go on and on

Broncos fans can finally relax; John Elway, not so much

While we fans can finally take a step back and breathe, John Elway finds himself approaching another offseason where he's the head of a house divided.
Denver Broncos

Is Anything More Interesting Than a Broncos Story?

That Senior Bowl -- the one where the Denver Broncos' coaching staff is coaching two top quarterbacks ahead of the NFL draft. And I found myself rolling my eyes -- this is how people wanted to spend their time?
Mike MacIntyre

CU fans should embrace the stability of Mike MacIntyre

In a season in which eight schools are already looking for new coaches, CU has made the wise choice to stick with Mike MacIntyre despite his team's struggles

The Broncos need to make a booty call to Peyton Manning

The fling with Brock Osweiler was fun while it lasted, but Denver's struggling offense makes it clear the Broncos should make a booty call to Peyton Manning

Crazy for thinking this Colorado Avalanche plan might work

The Avalanche are breaking the mold of organizational issues that span multiple decades. This current team could be the start of sustained success.