Wednesday, November 14, 2018

John Elway’s “kicking and screaming” mantra will be tested down the stretch

John Elway after last season challenged his team to go down "kicking and screaming." Now the Broncos have a chance to prove they will.

The four most important storylines of Raider Week

As the Denver Broncos prepare for the most important "Raider Week" in ages, here are four storylines you'll need to keep your eye on

Frei: Like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of the Avalanche offseason

The Washington Capitals can claim the Stanley Cup -- well, at least for a year -- on Thursday night in Las Vegas, with a...

Mark Reynolds has been baseball’s biggest bargain so far this season

An afterthought at one point in the Rockies' 2017 plan, Reynolds has soared beyond the expectations of his $1.5-million minor-league contract.

Indiscretions by sports stars are nothing new, reporting on them is

Mickey Mantle played in an era where the press protected his indiscretions. Emmanuel Sanders plays at a time when it seems some media is out to get players.

Jeff Bridich opts for change

The Jeff Bridich-Walt Weiss divorce was a long time coming, but the Colorado Rockies general manager made sure to bring about the split in the right way
college football

Forget realignment, how about relegation?

The solution to college football's ongoing realignment problem can be found across the pond, in the relegation system used by European soccer leagues.
Denver Broncos five most exciting regular season games

It’s time for Peyton Manning to rewrite the narrative

Nearly two years ago, the Broncos quarterback squashed the notion that he can't play in the cold. It's time he does the same to those who are saying he's washed up
Emmanuel Mudiay

Another trade deadline with the same Nuggets concerns

The Denver Nuggets made only one move at the NBA trade deadline. While Devin Harris helps the Nuggets short term, the Nuggets' long-term concerns remain unchanged.

The All-Star break couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rockies

Unlike years past, the string of Colorado Rockies losses that came near the All-Star break didn't doom the season.