Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Ty Lawson trade is a win-win-win

When the Denver Nuggets finally shipped Ty Lawson to the Houston Rockets it was a good deal for all parties involved
Peyton Manning gives Demaryius Thomas

Thomas can be a good investment

Locking up Demaryius Thomas with a 5-year, $70 million contract was a great idea and his contract won't be a long-term hindrance

CU vs. AFA good for college football

The announcement that CU and Air Force will play each other in 2020 and 2022 in great news for college football in the state of Colorado

Time for Thomas to prove himself

After signing a 5-year, $70 million contract Demaryius Thomas needs to prove his worth extends beyond flashy stats

The long-term plan with Lawson

Despite the multiple negative headlines and continued missteps the Denver Nuggets should keep embattled point guard Ty Lawson

Top ten reasons Lawson must go

Ty Lawson continues to make boneheaded moves, here are the ten top reasons Denver needs to move on from their star point guard

Hop on the bandwagon, Broncos fans

Clark W. Griswold has a harsh message for the Broncos fans who think it's time for Peyton Manning to step aside and let Brock Osweiler take over

Pete Rose situation exposes MLB hypocrisy

Major League Baseball can't continue to punish Pete Rose for gambling if they are going to accept sponsorship dollars from daily fantasy web sites

Four Broncos with questions to answer

There are multiple questions surrounding the Broncos as they inch closer to the start to training camp, here are the four men with the biggest questions to answer

Nuggets wise to skip spending spree

By sitting out a record start to NBA free agency, the Denver Nuggets' front office has quietly slip into rebuilding mode