Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Hump Day Diversion

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: The Ultimate Love Scent

Need a little help attracting that special someone? Check out the World Improv Network's Hump Day Diversion for your one-of-a-kind love advice!

WIN’S Hump Day Diversion: What celebrity would support which presidential candidate?

Join the boys in the white house laundry room as they discuss the possibility of Paris Hilton supporting Trump and Flavor Flav making an appearance in this year's presidential race

Women’s World Cup rematch in Colorado

The US Women's National Team and Japan will face off in a Women's World Cup rematch friendly game at Dick Sporting Goods Park.

With Tulo gone the Rockies have a new vibe

With Troy Tulowitzki out of the clubhouse, there's a new vibe brewing within the Colorado Rockies franchise

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: The Easter Bunny

What was your favorite part of Easter? Was it an easter egg hunt, money, food, or maybe even church? Check out WIN's the Good, Bad, Ugly Horoscope Corner and see what they love about Easter.
Hump Day Diversion

WIN’S Hump Day Diversion: Burgers, Blowing Up Customers, and Forged Degrees

Do you feel bad eating a burger after you work out? How do you handle crazy customers? Check out the Hump Day Diversion for answers

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Botox, Scientology and Octopods!

World Improv Network is here to brighten your Wednesday! Catch up on current events including Botox, Scientology and Octopods with the World Local News Update.

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Passionate about dolls

The internet is filled with all sorts of goodies these days, including many individuals passionate about the style and grace of American Girl Dolls.

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Burger King, pythons, and horoscopes

Dodge the leap year blues by tuning into the Hump Day Diversion! Hot dogs, pythons, horoscopes and more!

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Valentine’s Day Injuries

Did Valentine's Day get you down in the dumps? Don't fear! World Improv Network shows you how it could've been worse with Valentine's Day Injuries.