Tuesday, July 16, 2019

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Botox, Scientology and Octopods!

World Improv Network is here to brighten your Wednesday! Catch up on current events including Botox, Scientology and Octopods with the World Local News Update.

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Passionate about dolls

The internet is filled with all sorts of goodies these days, including many individuals passionate about the style and grace of American Girl Dolls.

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Burger King, pythons, and horoscopes

Dodge the leap year blues by tuning into the Hump Day Diversion! Hot dogs, pythons, horoscopes and more!

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Valentine’s Day Injuries

Did Valentine's Day get you down in the dumps? Don't fear! World Improv Network shows you how it could've been worse with Valentine's Day Injuries.

WIN’s Hump Day Diversion: Hipster Grandpas

Do you not know what's cool anymore? Then checkout the Hump Day Diversion and learn how to get your groove back from a pair of hipster grandpas.
Brock Osweiler leaves game

Brock Osweiler leaves game with shoulder injury after outstanding first half

Brock Osweiler leaves game prior to halftime following an absolutely outstanding first two quarters
injury report

The Denver Broncos final injury report leaves a lot of question marks

The Denver Broncos may be getting healthier, but their injury report still leaves a lot to be desired
success of the Broncos season

Five non-quarterbacks that will determine the success of the Broncos season

We keep talking about the Denver Broncos quarterbacks, but the success of the Broncos season will depend on these five guys

VOTE: Snow Angels 2015 Cover Contest

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for you to help us decide who will grace the cover of our annual Snow Angels issue. Each day between Oct. 26 and Nov. 5 we'll reveal a new candidate for this year's cover

Remembering ’90: A season on the brink

Former KCNC-TV reporter Mark McIntosh looks back on the 1990 CU Buffs national championship team and sees some similarities with the struggles of the current Buffs