Chiefs fans so hurt they’re on the verge of burning Jamaal Charles jerseys


Kansas City Chiefs fans are feeling betrayed after their team’s all-time leading rusher Jamaal Charles signed with the Denver Broncos. To add insult to injury, Charles came out and said that he’d always wanted to work with John Elway, the general manager of a division rival. Kansas City radio host Josh Klingler joined Ryan Edwards and Danny Williams on Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 on Wednesday to discuss the general reaction in Kansas City and whether or not Charles has anything left.

“Now he’s dead to me,” Klingler said jokingly. “After he [said he] always wanted to be a Bronco.”

Klingler went on to say that his reaction is indicative of the general feelings of Chiefs fans in Kansas City.

When asked if fans are already burning their Jamaal Charles Chiefs jerseys, Klinlger said, “Yeah. I think the question is, ‘What do you do with your Jamaal Charles jersey now?’

“I mean he’s the franchise’s leading rusher and he’s gone to the enemy,” There’s still a lot of people in town that are mad at Neil Smith [for] when he left the Chiefs and went to the Broncos.”

Broncos fans certainly won’t be mad if the same thing happens with Charles as did with Smith: A Broncos Super Bowl win in the former Chief’s first season. However, there’s a big difference between the Smith move and the Charles move. No one knows exactly what Charles has left in the tank after missing most of the last two years with injury.

“He’s had multiple knee procedures, two more minor procedures last year after shutting it down again. I’m never going to count the guy out because he’s been so great when he’s been on the field, but he hasn’t played here in a couple of years and the Chiefs haven’t had a lot to show for him over the last couple of seasons,” he said.

The Broncos have depth at the running back position so if Charles doesn’t pan out alongside C.J. Anderson, there’s always still Devontae Booker, Juwan Thompson and 2017 draft pick De’Angelo Henderson.

Charles is scheduled make his haunting return to Kansas City as a Bronco one day before Halloween.

Catch the whole interview with Klingler, including his thoughts on the upcoming NFL season, in the podcast below.

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