Chris Harris: Quarterbacks won’t stop crying when they play the Broncos

Quarterbacks won't stop crying
Dec 6, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (center) is sacked by Denver Broncos inside linebacker Danny Trevathan (59) and outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett (48) during the fourth quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I think it’s a safe bet that the Broncos defense won’t be receiving any holiday cards from opposing quarterbacks this season. Apparently, they don’t like being slammed into the ground repeatedly by 250-pound men.

After the Patriots game, Tom Brady made it very clear that he wasn’t happy with the outcome of the game, pushing all the blame away from himself and his team and onto the officials.

“I just think the circumstances of the game, the circumstances of the situation that we were in with winning by (14 points), having a good lead there in the fourth quarter, having a couple of third downs called back — huge third downs that we made — called back by penalty, losing a player like (Rob Gronkowski) in the fourth quarter, fighting back like we did to get to overtime,” Brady said last week while on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show. “Then I thought the first play of the overtime, the guy hooked (Brandon LaFell) and they didn’t call that. And then they got the ball and scored the touchdown.

“How it all played out, I guess I was just pretty pissed off, at obviously the final outcome, just how the last 20 minutes of the game played out.”

Of course, the Broncos responded in the appropriate manner:

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To be fair, though, Brady was probably just angry that Von made him look like this:

And when Philip Rivers started talking smack last Sunday against this vaunted Denver defense, they didn’t take too kindly, as you can tell by the fact that Von Miller almost lifted Rivers off the ground with one arm.

When asked about it after the game, Von gave just about the perfect answer:

But Von wasn’t the only one to get into it with Rivers.

You can even see here that Derek Wolfe had a few choice words for Rivers during the game; the type of words you wouldn’t speak in front of your Grandma.

And after the game, Chris Harris Jr. basically summed up Denver’s opinion of Rivers and the rest of the quarterbacks they’ve faced this season.

“He sounds like Brady and a lot of other quarterbacks that we’ve faced this year,” Harris said, via the Denver Post. “The same way that they scream and yell at the officials after our guys hit them, it’s something that’s happened all year. The only guy that didn’t cry was Andrew Luck. He was like, ‘Great hit, great hit.’”

And let me remind you that Andrew Luck was the quarterback that had is kidney lacerated and his abdomen torn by the Broncos defense; that’s one tough dude. In fact, Luck is famous for actually thanking defenders after they hit him. I bet the Broncos wish there were more quarterbacks like him in the league.